Depending on your rate plan, Send2Fax Free Trial offers a variety of services to easily send a fax online.

  • Personal Fax Number - all plans include one toll-free fax number.

  • Fax2Email - This is the method by which you will receive your faxes. Faxes sent to your personal fax number will be automatically sent to your email address of file. In addition, you can retrieve your faxes from the Send2Fax website at any time.

  • Email2Fax - If you can send an email, you can send a fax online! Our system works with any email client including Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, MSN and many more!

  • Web2Fax - This is our alternative way to send a fax online through our easy-to-use Web-interface. This is a great way to send faxes especially if you are on the road! To access your Send2Fax account via the Web interface, log in to your account with your username/password.

  • Microsoft® Office - We support the Microsoft® Office 2003 and Microsoft® Office 2007 "Send to Recipient Using Internet Fax Service" feature.

The following matrix illustrates a sample of our plans along with the services inclusive to each:

Services Send2Fax
Home Office
FREE Trial
Small Business
FREE Trial
Personal Fax Number
Office 2003
First Month FREE FREE
Monthly Fee after 1 month FREE trial $11.99 $15.99
Included free inbound and/or outbound pages
(within US/Canada)
300 500
Overage rate (per page) $0.12 $0.12

For more details on each service click on the links. For detailed pricing information please visit our pricing page.