Microsoft® Office 2003 or Microsoft® Office 2007 Internet Fax

Send2Fax now seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Office 2003 or Microsoft® Office 2007 with the help of a simple install script available at the bottom of this page. Once installed, you may send fax documents from Microsoft® Office 2003/2007 applications (such as Word 2003 or Word 2007). To send fax messages through this interface is as simple as the following Microsoft® Office 2003 screen captures illustrate:

Send fax messages directly from Word 2003/2007. You may specify different cover page options in Word or create your own; the possibilities are endless!

System Requirements and Integration:
  1. Microsoft® Office 2003 or Microsoft® Office 2007 Installed (for other Office versions such as Office XP and 2000 please use Email2Fax or Web2Fax)
  2. Outlook 2003/2007 needs to be your primary e-mail client. The fax service will call upon Outlook 2003/2007 to send the Send2Fax system.
  3. Your copy of Office 2003/2007 needs to be enabled to use the Internet Fax feature. This is done changing your registry. Follow these simple steps:

    1. Click this DOWNLOAD link. Your browser will open a dialog box.
    2. Choose to save the file.
    3. Choose a location to save the file to. (Desktop is reccomended)
    1. Right-Click the zip file you just downloaded.
    2. Select "Extract".
    3. Right-Click the extracted Office_Install.reg file and select "Merge".
    1. Right-Click the Office_remove.reg file and select "Merge".
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